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Amy Perez was an exceptional woman, whose bright blue eyes, loving smile and warm heart drew family and friends close to her from the time she was a child.  Hard-working and highly intelligent, Amy was first in her class at Haverford High School in Havertown, PA before she went on to graduate cum laude from Cornell University as a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  She continued her education at The Wharton School of Business, where she earned her MBA.  She was a rising star in the world of New York finance when she left her career at Chase Bank to stay at home and raise her two children, Molly and Gregory.

Amy was such a loving, doting mother, and she unselfishly sacrificed her needs for their well-being and happiness. Molly and Gregory were two adorable, healthy children who were just beginning to get a taste of all that life had to offer. Gregory was an athletic 8 year-old little boy who loved playing and learning about sports, especially baseball. Molly was a fashionable, 10 year-old social butterfly who was an avid reader, just like her mom.

Amy eventually chose to go back to work tutoring high school students for the SAT and went on to co-found a successful college test prep organization.  She excelled in this role, and local high school students from her community in Westchester County, NY would request Amy’s services as word spread of the outstanding results her tutoring produced.  Amy’s business was just beginning to take off when the unimaginable happened.

On October 18, 2011 at approximately 12:30am, Amy, Molly and Gregory’s lives were tragically and violently cut short at the hands of Amy’s estranged husband and the children’s father, who brutally beat Amy to death and shot the children while they slept peacefully in their beds.

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;

the most massive characters are seared with scars."

-Kahill Gibran

Our Mission

As an attempt to turn something so painful and tragic into something positive, Amy’s Kisses was created with a mission to provide Kisses of Opportunity in the form of domestic violence educational resources as well as educational scholarships to low-income students throughout the U.S.


Our goal is to celebrate the memory of Amy Perez and her children, Molly and Gregory and reflect her generosity of spirit, her commitment to academic excellence, and her enduring legacy as a mother and tutor. In particular, we attempt to reflect Amy’s unique way of praising her students’ success by tossing them a chocolate candy from the bowl that sat on the desk where she tutored.


From Our Founder

Amy was my only sibling and my best friend. We shared that unique, unconditional bond that can only exist between sisters. When the unimaginable happened to her and my niece, Molly and nephew, Gregory my family and I were traumatized. The pain and heartache was unbearable. After a year of living in shock and agony, I decided we needed to help ourselves, Amy and her children by doing something positive in the wake of the tragedy we were faced with.

My family and I, along with Amy’s closest friend, Patti Cush (on left), founded Amy’s Kisses in order to help others in Amy’s name and to have our precious memories of her and her children live on. Every time a friend, family member, sponsor or anonymous supporter donates to Amy’s Kisses, it warms our hearts knowing that Amy, Molly and Gregory are not forgotten. And in turn, every time Amy’s Kisses has the opportunity to donate scholarships, computers, SAT books, or any other form of enrichment to a student in need, we know that they did not die in vain. Thank you for visiting our website and keeping our precious Amy, Molly and Gregory in your thoughts.

                                      -    Jill Perez Gobora

Amy's Parents

Bobby and Gary Perez were always so proud of their firstborn girl, Amy.  They supported and encouraged her through all of her educational accomplishments.  They protected, cared and adored Amy every day, sometimes speaking five times a day, even though she lived out of state.  She was an extension of them, and they will never be complete without their daughter.

The Perez’s loved their grandchildren, and Molly and Gregory loved visiting their Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop in Philadelphia and in Florida.  Mom-Mom would take Molly shopping; Pop-Pop took the kids to the Phillies baseball games; and everyone loved to go in the pool together. Those cherished memories will never be forgotten.

Bobby and Gary are the backbone of Amy’s Kisses.  Their guidance, encouragement and contributions are instrumental to Amy’s Kisses’ success.  Even though it is a daily struggle for them to deal with all of their pain, loss and suffering, they continually find the strength to participate in all of Amy’s Kisses’ planning and events.

They are truly our heroes.

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Amy' Kisses

Our mission is to provide Kisses of Opportunity in the form of domestic violence educational resources as well as educational scholarships to low-income students throughout the U.S.

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